Middle East Week

Elizabeth Dickinson comes back on the show to discuss efforts to raise money and provide humanitarian aid to Syrians. Some of the topics we covered include:

  • Donor conferences hosted by Kuwait
  • UNSC action to allow aid to go to Syria without Assad’s approval
  • Aid organizations being unable to access people in Syria to provide services
  • International NGOs inability to use international staff in Syria
  • The fear of terrorism as a motivating factor driving aid donations
  • Groups trying to plan for the long-term humanitarian challenges in Syria
  • New strategies aid organizations are trying


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Michael Stephens comes back on the show to talk about the ongoing war in Yemen. We covered many topics related to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the region:

  • What caused Saudi Arabia to launch their air campaign
  • The coalition the Saudis have built
  • Oman’s decision not to join the coalition
  • Pakistan’s decision not to support a ground invasion in Yemen
  • Rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and what that could mean for the region
  • How Iran views the situation in Yemen compared to its other concerns in the region
  • Options available to try to end the fighting
  • The humanitarian crisis in Yemen that continues to worsen


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Matthew Levitt comes back on the show to talk about his expert testimony in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, as well as the process of radicalization and countering violent extremism.

Visit middleeastweek.org for pictures of some of the exhibits from the trial.

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