Middle East Week

John Horgan comes on the show to discuss his work studying the psychology of terrorism.

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Joel Wing returns to the show to discuss Iraq’s recent election, the government’s handling of security issues, and Iraq’s continuing budget problems.

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Clint Watts comes on the show to discuss his recent “Smarter Counterterrorism” series of articles for FPRI.

Clint’s FPRI series:

  1. Smarter Counterterrorism in The Age of Competing Al Qaeda’s
  2. Treating America’s al Qaeda Addiction
  3. Jihadi Competition After al Qaeda Hegemony – The ‘Old Guard’, Team ISIS & The Battle For Jihadi Hearts & Minds
  4. ISIS’s Rise After al Qaeda’s House of Cards
  5. How does the U.S. counter al Qaeda while al Qaeda fights itself?
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Karl Sharro comes on the show to discuss presidential politics in Lebanon, background on Lebanon's political blocs, and the role of satire in discussing events in the Middle East.  

Links related to this episode can be found at http://middleeastweek.org

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