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Jason Brownlee, author of Democracy Prevention: The Politics of the U.S.-Egyptian Alliance, joins me to discuss the current relationship between Cairo and Washington. We talk about the history of U.S. relations with Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, how the Morsi administration has been able to ease U.S. worries about a democratically elected Islamist government in Egypt, and the current status, and potential future, of relations between Egypt, the U.S., and Israel.

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Khalid Almezaini, author of The UAE and Foreign Policy, discusses Arab Gulf foreign aid programs. Almezaini covers the history of Arab Gulf nations’ foreign aid programs, as well as how they have changed recently. We talk about the motivations behind the aid programs, what the donor nations stand to gain, and the future of Arab Gulf aid in the Middle East.

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Allen Fromherz, author of Qatar: A Modern History and The Almohads: The Rise of an Islamic Empire talks about the relationship between Berbers in North Africa and the Arab Spring. Does the broader Arab Spring movement speak for, and to, the many minority populations in the Arab world?

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